Josh Wood – Relentless: Walking Against All Odds

Sometimes, big solutions are found in the smallest things

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Josh Wood

Relentless: walking against all odds.

Josh Wood is a normal, young man living in Melbourne. He lives with his two dogs, and very close to his Mum, Kay, who he claims is the reason he is still alive today.

Josh is a quadriplegic. He had an horrific spinal cord injury in June 2000. The amazing part about this is that he not only walks, he also snowboards, rides a motorbike, drives his hotted up Ute around town and lives a normal, full life. This website will tell you a little bit more about Josh, how he dealt with his injuries, and how he lives his life today.

Josh is passionate about connecting with people with spinal cord injuries, and mentoring them through what he calls an incredibly lonely injury.

He is also a dynamic and inspirational public speaker, has a determination and never say never attitude that has shocked many. He is also cheeky, clever and not afraid to say it like it is. He has spoken at forums such as … rotary, schools and corporate environments.

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