Discover the incredible, miraculous story of Josh Wood- The Quadriplegic who still snowboards.

On 25 June 2000, adversity crushed Josh Wood along with his spinal column.

The 18 year old snowboarder broke his neck while attempting a daring aerial jump over a road at a Victorian snowfield and became an instant quadriplegic. In the frightening days, weeks and months that were to come, when survival itself seemed like an outside chance, Josh set himself a mission: to not only live, but to walk again.

A snowboarder with professional potential before the accident, Josh was told by spinal cord experts in both Australia and the US that he might never get out of bed again. But with the unwavering support of his mother, Kay, who orchestrated a healing program which brought together an unlikely team (including a chiropractor, psychic, massage therapist and healer) Josh walked out of Victoria’s Royal Talbot Rehabilitation Centre only three months later. In 2003, while still technically, a quadriplegic, Josh returned to snowboarding and motorbike riding.

Who said this boy was a quadriplegic!  Check this footage out…

Josh Wood now counsels adults and children suffering spinal cord injuries and is an inspiring corporate speaker. And yes, he still rides snowboards and motorbikes – despite recently being told by a specialist spinal surgeon that he has only five per cent function in his spinal cord.

Going through what I went through is not unlike facing a really big problem in corporate life. When it happens, you look for something equally big to conquer it”, he says. “But sometimes, solutions are found in the smallest things. Focusing on the small things, the way I focused on trying to move just the tip of my finger, can pave the way to solving the bigger problem.”

Read the full story in the inspirational book “The Well-Adjusted Soul”

What others say about Josh Wood…

Josh Wood is a young man with a very inspirational story to tell. His engaging manner and extreme positivism are truly refreshing and relevant to so many varied audiences.
Julia Newbould, Managing Editor, InvestorInfo Ltd, A subsidiary of Morningstar Inc.

As a speaker Josh is a natural, very sincere … The effect on the audience was one of enthralled silence … people were inspired and motivated to take control of their own lives.
Di Bungey, NSW/ACT Member Liaison, Financial Planning Association of Australia

Josh Wood will advance medical science, diagnostics, neurology and belief in the capacity for the body to heal against all odds for decades to come. You are my hero Josh, keep it up.
—Dr Simon Floreani, Vitality Chiropractic