Feedback from Josh’s recent AFA GenEX National Australian Road show

We got amazing feedback about Josh’s presentation from all states.

Attached are some of the comments our attendees had about Josh’s presentation.

Linda Wallace | Member Services Associate | AFA





















Josh Wood

  • Inspirational
  • Moving
  • It was worth more than 5, but determination, positive mental attitude and his conflict was not going to stop him to achieve what he had set out to do. Set short goals and kept increasing the goals.
  • A real inspiration. Great speaker to finish up…
  • Inspiring!
  • Have seen josh before. Very inspirational.
  • An amazing and inspiring young man
  • Inspiring speaker. Glad to see AFA have taken him on board.
  • Amazing
  • Inspiring!
  • Very inspiring!! Thank you for inviting Josh to present.
  • Incredible story and perspective
  • Very inspiration, a touch confrontational. Great story to end on.
  • Would have been good to know some of Josh’s ongoing costs.
  • Should have given him more time simply awesome
  • Needed more time, but what a remarkable guy and inspiring story.
  • Sensational Speaker
  • what else can be said – inspiring presentation
  • Inspirational !
  • Brilliant!!!!
  • Period
  • A great speaker.
  • Absolutely loved Josh and look forward to reading his book. I can understand why the schools embrace him to speak to our younger generation.
  • What a great story. Great to see just how powerful your mind and spirit can be. Some people could learn a lot about their own perceptions on life by listening to Josh.
  • What a privilege to hear this mans story!
  • Inspirational
  • Would have loved Josh to cover off more around the financial impact this had on him and his family and whether he had any insurance
  • Live in the moment for sure.
  • Excellent speaker.
  • There are some very strong people around
  • Powerful however thought there was going to be a good news outcome with insurance claim as 18 at the time of last accident
  • inspirational preso!!! Best of the day!!
  • Great speaker very moving
  • Amazing!
  • Love your work Josh Wood, wise words and inspiration
  • What’s my excuse?
  • great inspiration, we have nothing to complain about. I realize I need balance in life!I
  • Absolutely inspiring!
  • Inspiring and motivational.
  • Pity he had to cut his story short because of time
  • How inspirational!! Well done Josh and mum Kay for your persistence and tenacity you both have shown me
  • Amazing!
  • An amazing guy inspiring

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