Order your copy today of Relentless: Walking Against All Odds it will change your life


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5 thoughts on “Relentless: Walking Against All Odds

  1. Jessica

    Listening to you on the Jason Ellis show right now! You’re such an inspiration. I’ll totally be buying your book 🙂 Keep it up!

  2. brian eaker

    Just heard your story on the Jason ellis show and ur just amazing and an inspiration. Can’t wait to read you book

  3. Dianne Comber (Bull)

    Hi Josh, your Auntie Sue and I have been dear friends since school. I remember the day you had the accident, a young dare devil having some fun in the snow. Wow, My heart went out to Kaye, Sue and Wendy, how heart wrenching for a boy so young. Sue has kept me updated along your journey for all those years. Your strength and determination (and as well your mother Kaye) have been so inspirational, it just shows how powerful we are as human beings with the power of mind and body. Thankyou for sharing your life ‘out there’ I truly believe you will help so many others who may not be able to see the strength within themselves. Always in my thoughts and pray. Have a wonderful marriage and a successful life surrounded by all you need.

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